Below are the images of the succession of jobs in the months.

October 2016 


November 2016


December 2016


March 2017


April 2017



May 2017 

cal maggio cal maggio2  cal maggio3



June 2017

cal giugno  cal Giugno2   cal giugno1 cantier giugno1


 cantier giugno portale poppa   cantier giugno trave


July 2017

cantier luglio rete

September 2017

tn settembre 1   tn settembre 2  tn settembre 3  tn settembre 4

tn settembre 5
  tn settembre 6



SAILING: Cruises, sailing courses and boat license for the disabled people.


UNIVERSITY 'and SCHOOLS: Conferences at universities and schools about renewable energy and disability on boat.


DOCUMENTARY: HD movie on the construction of the catamaran.


COMMUNICATION NETWORK: Articles in specialized network (Channels like Mediaset, Water, Sailing channel, RAI; Italian tv programs such as Linea Blu, Quark, Pianeta Mare and more).


COMMUNICATION NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINE: Articles in specialized newspaper (Sailing yacht,  Bolina, Yacht and Sail, Boating, Arte Navale and more). 


VISIBILITY: It will be organised a tour around the Italy coasts and the Mediterrenian Sea to promote the use of renewable energies on the boat and to talk about the architectural barriers on board.


SPORT: Participation at rallies, sail competition with disabled crew. In 2018 the ARC regatta with ocean crossing.


BOAT WORKSHOP: The catamaran represents a laboratory for the future development of new technologies. It will be equipped for research at sea, avaiable for universities and research centers. The boat will be produce less CO2 emissions and noise.



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