The “Fondazione Mare Oltre onlus” is born through the collaboration of non-profit Associations Handy Superabile and CE.TU.S., with the aim of achieving the first boat in the world completely barrier-free and eco-sustainable: the Project "SOLESENZAFRONTIERE" (SSF) (“SunWithoutBorders”).


Handy Superabile is strongly committed to promoting projects in order to develop paths of autonomy and social integration for the disabled in all areas, from sports to accessible tourism, improving their quality of life.

It engaged in tourism accessible for the disabled people for many years.


CE.TU.S. Research Center is engaged in the promotion, preservation and awareness of marine protection. Research and environmental education are the most promoted activities by CE.TU.S.

The SSF project involves public and private enterprises to create a sail catamaran, eco-sustainable (100% recyclable material) and completely rollchair.


The design details

- External structure 100% recyclable aluminium;

- Interiors 100% recyclable wood, certified FSC and PEF;

- Energy solar panels and wind turbines;
- Ropes material hemp, jute and cellulose (vegetable origin).

The eco-catamaran will be accessible to all, it will be employed for research at sea, with less impact on nature and marine wildlife.


nCat 60 Hybrid Banchina 02  nCat 60 Hybrid Prospettica 02 



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